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Nikolay Samoukov was born on December 10, 1957 in Manturovo, a town in the Kostroma region of Russia.

He began to draw and paint early in his childhood.
In 1971 Nikolay entered Manturovo Art School to study under the guidance of Tatiana Alekseyevna Milizina and Leonid Ivanovich Chesnokov.

At the age of 15, in 1973, he left his fathers home to continue his art education in Ivanovo city at Art College. In 1977 Nikolay graduated from the Art College with honors. His gradutaing project, consisting of a new design for a children's playground, was approved with plans to be constructed permanently.

In1983 Nikolay entered at the Mukhina Institute of High Art.. In 1988 he graduated with honors as his final project, Science (a 216 sq. m small module mosaic), was to be permanently installed in Dnepropetrovsk (Russia).

In 1989 he left Russia for Italy where Nikolay created a large number of watercolors, most of which have been sold at numerous exhibitions.

In the end of 1989 he came to the United States.

During the next few years, Nikolay traveled extensively across the America and Europe.

In 1993, Nikolay settled in Seattle . Since 2001, Nikolay Samoukov has lived in Lynnwood, a northern suburb of Seattle in the large studio-house.

He devotes his time to painting and teaching his numerous students.

Currently, Nikolay Samoukov is the director of Ben's Classic Art Studio and web administrator of Having been born and educated in Russia, he misses his mother-land very much. Almost every year, he returns to Russia to visit his friends, relatives, and his beloved city of St. Petersburg and native city of Manturovo.


1983-1988 Mukhina Institute of High Art and Industry, Leningrad, Russia. Artist-muralist. MFA

1979-1983 Studio of the artist Vasily Suvorov, Leningrad, Russia.

1973-1977 Ivanovo Art College, Ivanovo, Russia. Artist-designer. BA

1971-1973 Art School, Manturovo, Russia.


2004-2006 Mountain Trail Gallery, Park City, UT; Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT.

1998-2017 Zantman Art Gallery, Carmel, CA; Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT.

1998 Berozkina Art Gallery, Kirkland, WA; Zantman Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA.

1997-1998 Simic New Renaissance Art Gallery, Carmel, CA.

1996-1997 Zantman Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA; Tivoly Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT.

1993-1996 "Michael Pierce Gallery", Seattle, WA ; "Hermitage", Seattle, WA; "Moss Bay Gallery", Kirkland, WA.

1993 Montesilvano (Italy)

1989-1993 "Tivoly Gallery", "Finch Lane Gallery", Salt Lake City, UT; "Fine Arts Gallery", Palm Desert, CA; Springville Museum of Art, Springville, UT; "Saguaro Art Gallery",

Park City, UT

1989 Pescara (Italy).

1979-1989 Leningrad, (Russia).

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